New York Yankees starting pitcher Michael Pineda has been diagnosed with a right shoulder anterior labral tear, and is now scheduled for arthroscopic surgery next Tuesday.

Several sources are reporting that the tear is quite severe.

So, what does this mean? Despite our collective eagerness to claim a winner in the challenge trade between the Yankees and Seattle Mariners this off season that sent Pineda and Jose Campos to New York and Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi to Seattle, it should be remembered that the Yankees still have five years of control over the flame throwing right hander.

It should also be remembered that generally speaking, shoulder injuries are more difficult to bounce back from than elbow injuries. If the severity of the tear that’s being reported is true, we shouldn’t expect to see Pineda do much of anything for at least a year.

Although this quote is from eight years ago, the picture it paints is still rather frightening:

If pitchers with torn labrums were horses, they’d be destroyed.

- Will Carrol (Baseball Prospectus)

Marc Carig of The Star-Ledger has additional details:

In announcing the news to reporters this afternoon, Cashman said he was “devastated.”

Cashman said he believes the tear occurred on the final pitch of Pineda’s extended spring training start on Saturday. An MRI on Pineda’s shoulder administered this offseason, prior to the trade that brought Pineda to the Yankees, did not show any damage, Cashman said.

“We got a healthy player to the best of everybody’s knowledge,” said Cashman, who noted that Pineda’s rotator cuff is fine.

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  1. It appears that Pineda may have been injured in Spring Training. The Mariners didn’t pull a Sirotka on the Yanks.

  2. Pineda throws with his right hand, no?

    “…it should be remembered that the Yankees still have five years of control over the flame throwing left hander.”

  3. That quote is ice cold. I shuddered when I read it.

    Nice find. I feel bad for the Doc who did the physical when the trade when down.

  4. “In announcing the news to reporters this afternoon, Cashman said he was “devastated.””

    The Mariners clubhouse is said to be upset by this too.

    It never really felt like Pineda would be long for Seattle, so as an M’s fan, I wasn’t too broken up when they traded him this off-season. I didn’t love the return, but it’s looking just fine right now.

  5. Yeah, tears don’t happen on one pitch. They take quite a while to manifest.

  6. This may explain why Pineda lost a few miles on his fastball this spring. I think there is a chance that Pineda may have hurt himself last year, sometime around the point where he started sucking.

    • Agreed…

      If it does take a while to develop, the damage could have started last year. His second half was enough to at least raise an eyebrow over. There is no reason to think that the M’s knew something was wrong with him physically, but I thought they were quick to trade a good looking young starter.

      I always thought they could have kept him, traded Felix and have received a King’s ransom of both hitters and pitchers to fill the needs of the team for both short and long term.

  7. The list of pitchers diagnosed and treated with similar disability reveals that all but one went on with their careers at levels commensurate prior to their labrum tear.

  8. i’m happy not to see a ton of “fuck the yankees” responses. i feel bad for the kid and hope he gets back into action sooner than later.

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