The Yu Darvish edition of the Getting Blanked show features a high-profile import in its own right: Mr. Kristian Jack of The Footy Show and Atlanta Braves superfandom steps in to fill the sizeable shoes of the vacationing Andrew Stoeten to talk Darvish and the Yankees/Rangers match up, the Orioles foibles and the incredible start to the season by the Nationals rotation. Come for the baseball talk, stay for me using the word “impresario” in the least applicable context of all time. Blame David Cross.

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Comments (4)

  1. is that a reference to bench-warming backboard-shattering beast darvin ham?
    the ham slamwich?

  2. The words coming out of Kristian’s mouth show that he knows what he’s talking about, but the English accent makes it seem like he doesn’t

  3. isnt there more demand for a jays podcast daily than a baseball one? theres enough baseball out there to choose from.

  4. Hello, can I get help with this trade I am contemplating in H2H League…
    I offer Stanton/Uggla for Braun/Ackley?
    Who wins, who gets raped?

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