McGowan Shut Down

I wish Dustin McGowan all the best, and I hope he’s able to once again bounce back from this latest set back, but as I said then, signing the oft injured pitcher to a contract extension, even one at the low price of $3 million over two years made absolutely no sense whatsoever. And with this latest bit of news, the timing of the deal, while the Blue Jays already had him locked up for 2012, remains completely baffling to me.

Update: The Toronto Star’s Richard Griffin has quotes from manager John Farrell.

As he was starting back up, we felt like, not uncommon, particularly in a case like his, that he might feel, after a shutdown to get the arm going, to feel some discomfort in there or some tightness. But it persisted and he never seemed to get any freeness to it. We used precautionary measures to get him in for an MRI and that’s what it revealed.