The entire league has gone shift wacky. The proliferation of Bloomberg Sports information allows baseball teams to carefully position their infielders in an attempt to thwart known pull hitters. It is generally called “The Shift” or “The Ted Williams Shift” or whatever. Until last night.

When the Dodgers sent an extra infielder to the right side to defend against Barves lefty Brian McCann, immortal Dodgers broadcaster channelled another LA sports legend, Chick Hearn. Rather than refer to the Dodgers defense as “shifting”, Scully noted the Boys in Blue were playing “that triangle defense” against the pull-hitting catcher.

Which means “triangle defense” is now officially a thing. The shift is dead, long live the Triangle Defense. Vin said it, it is up to the rest of us to give it life. Commit it to memory: TRIANGLE. DEFENSE.