Those poor New York Yankees. Will they ever catch a break? Michael Pineda needs labrum surgery, which is very bad. Aubrey Huff hits the DL with anxiety issues, which is also bad. Bad bullpens? Also bad. A real cheery edition of the Getting Blanked show.

Scott Lewis sits in the Stoeten chair today, providing us with vital beard action. We are, however, lacking in the accent department with Kristian Jack back on the soccer beat.

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Comments (10)

  1. What’s that intro song again? Ever since the show went daily, I’ve had it stuck in my head.

  2. GET ON LIVE @ the SCORE.

    But you guys will have to cut down on the sarcasm to talk about the numerous stories. Parkes might not be able to handle that. But GET ON LIVE @the SCORE!

  3. Wow so much Jason Frasor love lol I’m not a huge fan of Cordero especially at this stage in his career but hard to see how you compare them based on every stat (not talking saves which obviously mean nothing). Just look at their ERA+, rWAR or rWAR per season or WPA. Frasor is a decent 7th or 8th inning guy but Cordero is to Frasor as Frasor is to an average reliever imo.

  4. 3 blown saves in 5 games today. Is the Month of the Blown Save? (MOBS)

  5. Man, a torn labia….that’s gotta suck.

  6. Love when Drew screws his own name up at the end. This show is a great way to spend a half hour (procrastinating) every afternoon.

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