Delmon Young: Arrested

The New York Post is reporting that Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young was arrested in the early hours of this morning on assault charges. The accusation is that Young, “highly intoxicated” at the time, pushed a man to the ground in front of his Midtown hotel. Before going to a police precinct, Young had to be brought to a hospital to be sobered up.

You may think that this isn’t much of a baseball story, but I would have you know that by offering the opportunity to remind people of this …

… it is very much within the purview of this blog to write about Delmon Young getting arrested.

Update: Things have taken a turn for the worse, or at least toward the less funny. It’s being reported that prior to the attack, Young made some antisemitic remarks and now faces a hate crime-related charge because of the incident in front of the┬áHilton New York.