This week we have more Tony Plush greatness, Ian Kinsler picking up the slack due to a lack of Lance Berkman and Brandon Inge being terrible.

I’ve got a bad case of the coldness.

Nyjer Morgan is a poet. This is exactly how I would describe my hitting slump. What a legend.

There’s no way it could happen, there’s no way if DC is in the race that they would shut down Strasburg. I don’t think a team would react well to that.

Has Ian Kinsler not been paying attention to the last seven years of Nationals baseball? This is the team that gave Jayson Werth $126 million. This is absolutely something they would do.

Come on haters join the club so I can slap you and then hug you.

I honestly don’t know if I hate Jose Canseco’s Twitter or if I think it’s the greatest achievement in human history. If someone could let me know what I think about this, I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not shocked that we’re struggling out of the gate. Although you expect good things to happen, we’re very young.

Royals’ GM Dayton Moore with perhaps the least encouraging thing you can say to a group of very young players.

You’ve got to remember: Josh didn’t spend any time in the minor leagues, he went straight to the big leagues. This is, what, his sixth year? He’s basically had six years of baseball at the professional level.

Josh Hamilton: Prodigious freak or testament to development at the professional level? Discuss.

We had some discussions today and we just feel at this point we’re trying to add some offense

I kind of love that Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski thinks that releasing Brandon Inge and freeing up a roster spot adds offence to the team.

Police say Young was standing outside of the Hilton New York, not far from Times Square. A group of about four Chicago tourists staying there were approached by a panhandler wearing a yarmulke. As the group walked up to the hotel doors, Young started yelling anti-Semitic epithets.

I’m taking bets now – who gets the longer suspension? Delmon or Ozzie? I know what the answer should be.

I remember when I was a little kid walking into the ballpark and getting those [ballots] and stamping the holes in there. Just to have my name on it is an honor for me.

I totally relate to Eric Hosmer on this one (minus the talent, the fame and the money) in the sense that poking out those little paper holes is one of those purely baseball memories I have from being a kid. And it’s wonderful.

New York Yankees for Her, “a fun, inviting scent that captures the playful spirit of the Yankees girl,” is available for female fans.

This is a real thing that exists. I don’t even know.