It’s the week’s best baseball GIFs, ready to wreak havoc on your browser and neatly compiled in one place for your viewing pleasure. We kick things off with a pair of young besties (pictured above) having the time of their lives last Saturday, even as their hometown Arizona Diamondbacks wound up losing to the Atlanta Braves.

Face-plant of the week

The Eric Thames gets the best of a baseball of the week

A baseball gets the best of Eric Thames of the week

Heartless Texas Rangers fans of the week

Keith Hernandez murdering a burger of the week

The that probably hurt more than we know of the week

Reconsider your priorities in life of the week

Jason Bay defence of the week

The exception of the week

Comments (6)

  1. I wish Conan The Librarian were a real movie.

  2. I vote for the Jason Bay face plant as GIF of the week…

  3. Keith Hernandez murdering a burger of the week – best one by far!

  4. I like this feature.

  5. anyone else think the guy who steals the ball from the kid resembles Mitt Romney? Although what would Mitt be doing in the common people seats

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