Today in L.A. Problems

There is an old saw that I heard once about if the Mayflower came ashore in California (rather than the East Coast) the rest of the country would still be wilderness. It is a beautiful place, California. The land of milk and honey, as Dustin Parkes rhapsodised after his recent trip to the Best Coast.

The weather is perfect and beaches and mountains sit side-by-side. It rarely rains and, in sunny Southern California, it almost never snows. This is the kind of weather I could get used to, believe you/me.

It seems getting used to that type of weather is very easy. Even living under the constant threat of earthquakes has not steeled the people of Southern California against adverse weather conditions. Especially if they happen to get caught outside their cars for longer than the time it takes to run from the parking lot to the front door of In-N-Out Burger.

For some unexplained reason, Wednesday night’s Dodgers/Braves game in LA featured the kind of random rain shower people who live in most places in North America are quite used to dealing with. The Dodgers and Braves played on, soldiering through the rain for a few innings. Matt Kemp even hit a ridiculous home run when the rain was at its worst.

Despite the ease with which Vin Scully slides in the “come rain or come shine” line as Kemp’s blast flies into the seats, rain is not usual at Dodger Stadium. It is, in fact, incredibly rare. The Dodgers have not had a home date rained out in nearly twelve years!

Understandably, the Dodgers faithful is unaccustomed to diving for cover in the middle of a baseball game. When you show up in the fourth inning, you expect to sit through three peaceful innings then leave early to beat the traffic with your convertible roof down.

The Dodgers as a franchise as sensitive the gremlin-esque traits of their fanbase and so they are reaching out to their fans. If you attended Wednesday night’s game – a game that was not delayed in any way – you get a free ticket to another Dodgers contest.

The Dodgers want to repay their fans who were inconvenienced by Mother Nature on Wednesday night.

Ticket stubs from the Dodgers’ rainy 4-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves can be redeemed for free reserve-level tickets to a May 14 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks or a May 31 game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Ticket stubs from April 13 can also be exchanged for May 14 or May 31 tickets.

This blows my mind. “We deeply regret any moisture that may have come in contact with your suede jacket, high-falutin Hollywood type. Please come back to our ballpark where we can promise, with a high degree of certainty, you will not get wet.”

The cruellest twist in this story is the car-centric culture of Lotusland likely caused the climate shifts resulting in a rare spring shower in LA. To compensate for this, the Dodgers request you please jump back into your vehicle and return to their ballpark. Don’t forget to pay full price for parking and thank you for supporting the Dodger Way.