David Vs. Goliath

New York Mets reliever Jon Rauch is 6’11″ tall, or 211 centimetres for those who prefer the metric system. Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve is 5’5″ tall or 165 centimetres for those who prefer the metric system.

The picture above is of those two players, with a foot and a half difference in height, facing each other on a baseball diamond. The tallest player in baseball versus the shortest.

In case this is actually of interest to anyone beyond me, Rauch won the battle, getting Altuve to line out to the first baseman. However, Altuve ultimately won the war, as the Astros went on to beat the Mets 6-3, with the Houston second baseman going 2 for 4, with a walk.

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  1. But did he really win, Parkes? Does he ever REALLY win?

  2. Add in 10″ for the pitchers mound and there is a 2’4″ difference in height.

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