The time has come – time to give the Orioles their due for putting together a strong opening month. Congrats, former OrioLOLes, you’ve come so far!

We also delve deeply into the AL East’s world dominance in our “Narrative Versus the Numbers” feature which comes complete with some siq dubsteps beats, bro.

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Comments (3)

  1. Constructive Criticism

    After watching:

    1. lose the pens (at least stop playing with them)
    2. look at the camera once in awhile
    3. lose the table as it feels like a work meeting
    4. Drew looks presentable enough clothing wise on camera, but Parkes and the producer (I forgot your name- sorry) need to look a little less like your at your friends house ready to play some Playstation.
    5. get rid of the headphones if possible

    Give people a reason to actually watch rather than just a glorified podcast.

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