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We don’t have much in the way of a style guide at Getting Blanked, just a few rules to govern our choices while blogging.

  1. When referring to a particular Japanese outfielder, an exclamation mark must follow his name, like so: Ichiro (!).
  2. When discussing trades for relievers, Los Angeles Dodgers GM Ned Colletti may not be referenced as evidence of anything.
  3. Madison Bumgarner shall be treated like a deity.
  4. On slow days, make up news about Brett Lawrie to drive traffic.
  5. Always celebrate information graphics.

Above is a mapped history of Yankees Stadium that you can get a better look at here. Perhaps the strangest thing about this infograph is that I find myself wanting it without even being a Yankees fan. Of course, I suppose I have a history with maps of Yankees Stadium.

Comments (6)

  1. Even the large one is too small!!! Make bigger!!

  2. The link worked great for me BTW. I noticed the chart only relates to stuff Yankees did. No indication of where McGriff’s homer landed, for instance. It was a deep enough drive to be note-worthy. None the less a cool graphic. So who’s working on the Sky Dome one?

  3. I bought it even tho I noticed 3 errors in the hit locations. All shown going to LF, but Tino’s HR in 2001 WS was to right center, Chambliss’ LCS walkoff was close to the same spot as Tinos but more towards right, and Girardi’s 3B in 1996 WS Game 6 was to center.

  4. notice that the retroballpark craze has paid no attention to the 500ft walls in CF

  5. Another Error: They have the same date listed for A-Rod’s 500th and 600th home runs. That’s a lot of home runs in one day…

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