Breaking: Mariano Rivera’s ACL

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According to Bryan Hoch of, Mariano Rivera has torn the ACL in his right knee, after a freak incident in which he slipped on the warning track or locked up his knee as he was shagging fly balls before tonight’s game against the Royals.

The video of the incident is below:

It’s expected that Rivera will travel back to New York to see team doctors, but he’s unlikely to be back this season. And it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility to suggest that we’ve seen the last of the greatest reliever of all time.

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  1. Rivera is the one reason I can’t 100% hate the Yankees. If this is the end, well, shit. Kudos on a fan-fucking-tastic career and sorry it had to end like this.

  2. When shagging kills…

  3. shit, that man should have been able to quit when he decided he was bored of throwing cutters. What an amazing performer.

  4. Just speechless. There is Doc, there is Mo, and then there is every other pitcher.

  5. Good pitcher, glad to see him out though, we can take advantage of the other teams around us collapsing

  6. Only Yankee I will ever like. I career like his shouldn’t end like this. Hope he comes back

  7. celebrate him in 7 years in cooperstown. until then, the AL east just got a little more interesting.

  8. At least his career ended with him doing something he enjoys… shagging fly balls.

  9. If you’re shagging and it ends painfully you’re either doing it wrong or you have a nasty disease.

  10. Shagging can be dangerous to your health.

    This is not the way Rivera’s career should end. I hope he can pull off a Jamie Moyer and rehab his way back. Very doubtful that he will though. I will pine for the moment to see Mo on the mound in a packed Yankee Stadium to record his last save. Alas, the baseball gods are not kind.

  11. Exit Sandman?

    At least now I can hate the Yankees without feeling in any way conflicted about it.

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