Panda Has A Boo Boo

When I write that Pablo Sandoval is the San Francisco Giants offense, it’s not much of an exaggeration. While the team is certainly glad to have Buster Posey back, and judging by the numbers that the catcher has put up since the beginning of the year, he’s glad to be back, without Sandoval’s contribution the team goes from having an average offense to … well, basically the 2011 San Francisco Giants before they traded for Carlos Beltran.

So, it’s with that in mind that I sadly relay the information that after leaving last night’s game against the Miami Marlins in the sixth inning with an injured hand, tests have revealed that the┬álovable round third baseman has a fractured left hamate bone.

It seems almost difficult to believe, because it was at this exact same time last year that Sandoval fractured the hamate bone in his right hand. He ended up missing six weeks of action and a quarter of the Giants schedule. Typical recovery time is about four to six weeks.

News like this makes Dustin a sad panda.


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  1. This completes the 2012 Oracle Calendar curse. We deal with Oracle and we were sent their 2012 calendar. Guess who’s featured on the calendar? You get three guesses:

    April – Theme: Power – Lincecum
    July – Theme: Strength – Sandoval
    October – Theme: Instinct – Wilson

  2. Is there a post that explains why you love the SF Giants, Parkes?

    I just want to know the origins of your love-fest for the team. Did it start with HBO’s “The Franchise”? Lincecum being as dominant as Halladay (when Roy was a Jay)? Or do bloggers just like relief pitching that much?

    Anything even close?

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