There was a lot of pretty great baseball played last night. This is the part where we talk about them – from Weaver’s historical brilliance to the reanimation of Zombie Chipper.

Being Thursday, we also fire up our gamblin’ hats in this week’s Proposition Hate. On the line: watching and recapping the Royals/Red Sox battle on Monday night. The bet: total number of fans to sadly trudge into Safeco Field to take in this weekend’s Mariners/Twins weekender. They have a roof so no rainouts! Whoever gets closest sticks somebody with Jonathan Sanchez on Monday night.

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  1. Drew looking good, Stoeten pretty good back in the seat. This episode had more movement/ actions and it looked improved. Stoeten should look at the camera more. You guys had more humor and made it worth watching more. Stoeten looked relaxed not gripping a pen and waving it around. Drew started out with it down but picked it up and never put it down.
    Parkes = replacement level player this episode

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