Like every great production of our time, whether it be film, web or television, the path to a widespread audience begins with a strong trailer. With that knowledge, the Getting Blanked crew set out to create a promo for our daily vodcast. Of course, our promo clip is completely original and not borrowed in any way, shape, or form from a popular sitcom of the 1980s.

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Comments (11)

  1. No face time on the actual channel? Once the NHL/NBA playoffs are done, will you guys go on Live@theScore? Please say yes. Seriously, Dunlop is horrible.

    Also, Parkes had by far the worst acting in that 5 second on-screen “performance”. Nice sweater, Mallory.

    (I had to google that last bit. I’m too young for your references.)

    • Mom, I had a nightmare… Nick was at my window calling, “Mallory! Mallory!”.

      • dunlop is horrible for sure. but his patner in crime pizzo is worse

        its a shame that these guys get air time when gettin blanked gets no support

        • Pizzo, I find, is actually one of their better guys. Thomas Dobby needs to get some airtime too. Watching the Extra Access features, he’s one of the better personalities of the lot.

          But still, GB needs to get on Live@theScore.

          • Take ‘er easy on Dunlop and Pizzo. They do something that’s infinitely harder than it looks, and they work long hours doing it.

            Also, Dobby is hilarious on those Extra Access features.

  2. Wha… It didn’t end with Sha-la-la-la…

    Are you going to introduce a precocious kid into the mix once things get stale?

  3. Six seasons and a movie!

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