When the Washington Nationals announced plans to “take back their park” from the invading horde of Phillies fans, we at Getting Blanked laughed. It was a hollow gesture used to stoke the fires of the hometown support without actually doing anything to disuade Phillies fans from spending their money in Washington.

Tonight, the Phillies and their caravan of travelling loons make their way to Washington. This time, the Nats are ready – with a serious NATITUDE!

The most ridiculous part of the Natitude Movement is they hardly need it this weekend. The combination of Bryce Harper taking over the world and tonight’s starting pitcher – a certain Stephen Strasburg – one has to think fans of the Zombie Expos will be out in force.

The final game of this series serves as the nationally broadcast Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN and the Nats brass doesn’t want to be “embarrassed” by a stadium cheering in all the wrong places. The allure of the top prospect in baseball taking the field for a nationally televised game for a first-place team seems like all the reason in the world for home fans to turn up…if the bulk of the tickets hadn’t been sold in advance before the season even started. Considering the struggles of the Phillies, some tickets surely exchanged hands via the secondary market this week.

Whether you think the Nats are right in defending their home turf or thin-skinned and reactionary, I think we can all agree: that sign above the video board looks ridiculous.