It’s Monday, May 7th, 2012, and the Baltimore Orioles are the best team in baseball. No, really. They have 19 wins. They are the only team to not in double digits for losses. They have a .679 winning percentage.

The Baltimore Orioles. Yes, the team that has Dan Duquette for a general manager and has just signed a 39 year old, sub .600 OPSing designated hitter to a Minor League deal. They’re in first place right now.

According to, the Orioles have a better chance of making the playoffs than the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays. In fact, of all the teams in the American League, only the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers have a better chance of playing in the post season.

Personally, I don’t see it happening. Mainly because the team is already letting success get to them. Witness Baltimore Orioles third baseman (I use the term loosely) Mark Reynolds totally big league his manager Buck Showalter.

As the good book says: Pride doth come before a summertime fall in the standings.

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  1. Great analysis. One small point though. Mark Reynolds was joking with Buck. His team had just given him the “Silent Treatment” upon hitting his first home run of the season. Reynolds ran directly into the tunnel when he recognized that his teamates were playing a trick on him.

    Of course, now that you know what really happened, a loose and joking team playing with team chemistry who has the best record may mean some editing for this post. Here you go:

    “Personally, I see it happening. Mainly because the team is not letting success get to them. Witness Baltimore Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds totally joking with his manager Buck Showalter.”

    There, fixt.

  2. And so it is. After a month of baseball, the AL East standings in a funhouse mirror.

  3. Love how Showalter tries to play it off after the snub, fully knowing he is on camera looking foolish.

  4. lets not forget, 3 years ago today in 2009 the Blue Jays were leading the AL and .5 games with a record of 20-10… they went on to finish the season 75-87

  5. Trying to figure out where it is that the Orioles have 20 wins?!?!

  6. if the orioles actually do make the playoffs before us, i will definetly throw up.

    • I’d rather see the Orioles make the playoffs than the Yanks or Red Sox. Also, if they do make the playoffs, can we finally retire Oriloles? It’s not that funny anyway.

  7. It appears the LOLZ are on us.

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