Chant MVP As Much As You Please

A funny thing has been happening in Los Angeles. People are once again enjoying their time at the ball park.

As we’ve previously discussed, what Matt Kemp is doing in a Dodgers uniform right now is the type of next level shit that caused the term “next level shit” to be invented. Not only because of his current play, but also a 2011 season that was more deserving of the National League Most Valuable Player award than the actual winner (and that was even before the mention of synthetic testosterone), fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers have taken to chanting M!V!P! M!V!P! M!V!P! after particularly stunning pieces of Kempdom are put on display by the team’s center fielder.

Stuff like this:

And also, this:

Kemp is the only player in baseball to have put up more than 20 offensive runs above average for his team, and yet it seems that Dodgers fans chanting MVP! is upsetting to certain factions of the Keepers Of The Guide To Correct Baseball Fan Conduct.

Sure, it’s currently May 8th, 2012, and only five clubs have played thirty games, but this has nothing to do with a calendar. This is merely fans showing appreciation for the best player on their team in an amusing way that pokes fun at the notion of the MVP! chant.

As someone who is often bothered by what I must admit is ultimately minutiae, I’d suggest that anyone finding annoyance in fans of a team praising their club’s best player would be well served by a quick assessment of what happened in their lives to bring them to this point, or as Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts suggests: Get. Over. Yourself.

Even if you’re hell bent on vitriol, there are several better targets for your unhappiness. I mean, there are fans in every city across Major League Baseball trying to start the wave during important at bats. Surely, that’s more offensive to a baseball fan’s sensibilities.

Concocting your heart’s face into a stink eye over Dodgers fans having fun is the equivalent of booing kids at ball games. Just look at this little girl:

She probably doesn’t even know the score or a single thing about the components of Baseball Reference’s Wins Above Replacement.

I mention all this as a means of saying that Los Angeles Dodgers fans are no better or no worse than the supporters of any other team, no matter what a certain San Francisco beat writer might suggest:

While Schulman’s comments may not be criticizing the fans directly for the MVP chants, it’s still in the same vein. Why is it necessary to criticize fans at all? Baseball stadiums are the perfect place to practice a special form of libertarianism wherein fans are allowed to act however they wish as a means of enjoying the spectacle in front of them just so long as whatever that requires doesn’t infringe on the abilities of others to enjoy their time.

So, chant MVP! Boo the hurt player who didn’t get to a ball in time. Do the wave if that enhances your time at the stadium. I might not like what’s going on around me, but as long as you don’t stop me from watching and enjoying the game in front of me, we’re cool.