True story: There have been 21 perfect games thrown in Major League history. Prior to tonight’s game between the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, a single player had hit four home runs in a game only 15 times.

Josh Hamilton hit four home runs in tonight’s game, becoming the 16th player in MLB history to do so. It may be the most remarkable thing a position player can do in a single game. The only plate appearance tonight that didn’t result in a home run for Hamilton was a mere double in the fifth inning. It’s also the only at bat in which he didn’t drive in Elvis Andrus who had gotten on base ahead of Hamilton for all four of his two run homers.

His 18 total bases ties an American League record, and is one shy of the MLB record held by Shawn Green with 19.

Here’s how he hit his four home runs:

Home Run #1

Swinging at the first pitch he saw in the top of the first inning, Hamilton hit a blast off of right handed starter Jake Arrieta that just cleared the fence in center field.

Home Run #2

In the third inning, up 2-0 in the count, Hamilton hit deep fly to left field off Arrieta once again.

Home Run #3

Facing left handed reliever Zach Phillips in the seventh inning, Hamilton smacked a tater to center field on the second pitch of his at bat.

Home Run #4

Curiously, right handed submarine reliever Darren O’Day was left in to face Hamilton in the eighth inning, and after going down 0-2, the slugger hit a ball to the deepest part of the ballpark, and over the fence.

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  1. Delgado’s 4 homeruns in only 4 plate appearances is more impressive.

    • In the words of spock… highly illogical… But Kirk (being shatner and therefore having a raging jays directed maple boner hidden under his starfleet unitard) would reply with “fuck logic, Carlos is King.”
      However, that being said, Carlos’s regal nature (the fact that he was royally fucking awesome in his 16 years with the Jays organization before he went to New York to, well, dissipate) makes his 4 home run game actually less impressive. You expect a king to dominate his kingdom in his prime.

    • Silly. It’s just as impressive.

    • I think it would be easier to make a case for it being less impressive, considering that Hamilton got a double as well in his other at bat and what Delgado’s TB/PA likely was for the season.

      • It doesn’t really make much sense to think about season numbers when a guy has hit 4 home runs in a row.

  2. If you’re one of the few Orioles fans in attendance, are you pissed off about seeing Josh Hamilton slap around your staff or are you proud because you can say “I was there”?

  3. What do the dots on the plots mean?
    I see the legend but I don’t know what the acronyms stand for.

  4. Conventional wisdom before the start of the 2012 season supposed that the Rangers would likely decline a rich extension to Hamilton, given his age and makeup issues.

    In light of his hot start, what will the Rangers do? Hamilton has yet to cash in a large contract and has missed a considerable amount of time and earnings during his «lost years». Amazing to watch performances like this. Now the spotlight will be on Jon Daniels.

  5. Adam Lind thinks he didn’t see enough pitches. Or maybe it was too many? Either way, I think we can safely assume Lind won’t be doing that any time ever.

    Hamilton would look pretty spiffy in LF for the Jays next year. I’d even put up with watching Lind for the rest of this year if AA could make that happen. Just saying.

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