We might have a baseball first here. It appears as though this Brandon Inge home run from the Oakland Athletics’ 9-5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday makes contact with one man’s elbow, another’s set of testicles, and a woman’s face. This, dear reader, is an effective argument for bringing your glove to the park.

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  1. Darwin says: If you’re so fucking clueless that you pull your hands in (to protect your man-boobs?) and as a result leave your reproductive organ exposed to flying object then you deserve to have your weiner squished.

  2. The first guy in that series of mistakes is a huge embarrassment to anyone who ever learned how to catch.

  3. this is like the loogie Keith Hernandez/Roger McDowell lobbed at Kramer and Newman…

  4. Scott, please never ever ever stop finding and posting this GIF’s.

  5. awesome! do you have anymore frames? love to see the aftermath

  6. I disagree with the elbow. It looks to me as if it misses his elbow all together and instead strikes firmly against an unseen surface just behind. I’ve determined that surface to be a to be a lucky guy’s face…the one wearing a light blue shirt.

  7. In this situation which one of those three get the ball? Or will they all look like assholes if they don’t give it to a kid < 12 years old?

  8. the dan johnson home run from last year that tied that crazy rays yankees game is pretty funny too.

  9. Lol, this thing happened to me earlier this year, but I was sitting down.

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