It’s just a suggestion, but maybe if Harvard’s baseball team spent as much time choreographing elaborate lip synching routines as they did practicing their sport of choice, the team might not have finished last season¬†with a 12-30 record,¬†ranked 233rd among Division I NCAA teams.

How dare they have fun during their down time. The game of baseball is a serious endeavour.

Lip service to NotGraphs for the video.

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  1. Wow… the crimson rock… this video alone makes me wish I had gone to harvard… that and the instant millions that come with graduation from harvard.

    Oh, and cheers to the dude sleeping in the back. Everyone should sleep through Katy Perry songs… It’s only logical.

  2. This is pretty awesome.

  3. Not bad but it doesn’t compete with the Belfast Giants Hockey Club’s x-mas video

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