Life After Mo

Getting tagged for four runs in the ninth against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday, Yankees closer David Robertson blew a save chance for the first time since taking over for the great Mariano Rivera.  Robertson got into trouble after surrenduring a pair of hits and a walk to the Rays. He struck out Carlos Pena before a sac fly off the bat of B.J. Upton enabled the tying run to score.

Our Yankees fans pictured above are reacting to the call on this 1-1 pitch from Robertson to Upton. Upton tied the game on the next pitch. The home plate made the correct call, the pitch was a good six inches outside. What I humbly submit to you is that perhaps our Yankees fans’ shared inessential disbelief is really symbolic of something greater than a called ball two.

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  1. Mo would get that call

  2. Bloody brilliant.

  3. It’s his second save opportunity. His first was on May 8th. He nailed that one down although he did walk a pair which is very unusual for him.

  4. Love the guy in the blue championship shirt…disbelief on his face and then he must turn away. I wonder if he stayed turned away for the next pitch?

  5. I see I wasn’t the only one who noticed this douche who appears to think he somehow has a better viewing angle than the umpire.

  6. First: Yankee fans should get used to this.
    Second: Is it just me or when you picture someone being a Yankees fan you imagine the guy on the right. (Mouth breathing, plaid shirt wearing, mafia posing, aviator wearing (see pocket)…douche)

  7. It’s going to be a long summer for Yankee fans realizing what it’s like to not have Mariano Rivera. And awesome for everyone else.

  8. So much awesome going on in this gif – all the collective disbelief is great. Love the guy in the upper right who’s head you can see making a slight shake. It’s made even better by the fact that it’s only the mouth visible.

    Is guy behind the man in blue saying “jackass”? Regardless, his search for confirmation of his opinion immediately after sharing it is good.

    Finally, there is literally a person praying – PRAYING! Fun seeing Yankees fans sweat in the 9th in a way they haven’t had to in years.

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