The video below, taken from a recent Arizona Diamondbacks broadcast, is good for two reasons:

  1. It confirms our theory that Daron Sutton and Mark Grace are the worst broadcasters in baseball; and
  2. It proves that love can conquer all, or at least as much love as one can possibly hope for during a first date at a baseball game in which one of the datees brings a sign that explains the couple’s predicament.

I wonder if this type of behaviour would be acceptable in other first date setting. It’s surprising that we don’t see more magic markered sheets of bristol board with “met online” written on them at restaurants these days.

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  1. If you’d like, you can make fun of this gentleman personally.

    Cliffs: There’s a sign-making station at the ballpark, and they opted to stop in. He got the second date, and they’re going to Saturday’s game, so expect a follow-up.

  2. Still not worse than Hawk Harrelson, sorry. Or Michael Kay, or the dick homer (Palm Boner?) Tampa Bay Rays p-b-p guy.

  3. I learned more about love during that broadcast than I ever have about baseball from those two idiots.

  4. Wait, they are the worst because they engage in blowout game talk?

    Ok then.

    The children better get he hell off the lawn, eh?

  5. “Oh, no, wait a minute, the batter is calling for time. Looks like he’s going to get
    himself a new bat. And now there’s a beach ball on the field, and the ball boys are discussing which one of them’s going to go get it.”

  6. That was kinda cute. I took my girlfriend to a Jays game on our first date last year on July 30th. Almost coming up to a year and guess how we’re celebrating it? That’s right. Jay’s game. Although we have already been to three this year lol.

  7. It’s not so much the announcers as the producer that said yes to this idea. They just had to make the best of a bad idea.

  8. I absolutely love the Diamondbacks TV guys. By saying they’re the worst you’re implying Pat “Big and Strong” Tabler and Buck “Fisted” Martinez are superior broadcasters. That’s laughable and sad. These guys actually have some personality and they make D-Backs broadcasts very enjoyable.

    • Seconded. They’re actually my favorite broadcast crew. This might not be their best work, but I’ve always enjoyed their games more than any other random non-Jays broadcast (Vin Scully excepted, of course).

    • Absolutely, these guys are the best, I love listening to the D-Backs broadcasters: they’re funny and know what they are talking about too!

      Also, +5 for: Pat “Big and Strong” Tabler. Holy fuck that guy is the worst.

      • Wow. I’m shocked. I absolutely despise these two. Agreed that Tabler and Buck leave a lot to be desired, but these two combine being wrong with inherent sexism in like every comment.

        • I don’t mind the play by play guy but Mark Grace, ever since his stints with FOX weekend games in insufferable. I cannot believe such a dumbass had such a good career.

          And for those who might argue about TIm McCarver being similar to Mark Grace, I am sure his lack of understanding today’s game is more sanility.

          Oh, and, “climactic change.”

  9. There’s nobody worse then Buck and Tabby.


    • I would argue the CWS fuckheads are worse but that might be splitting hairs on a shitpile.

    • I agree 100 %, They are one of the worst broadcast teams by far! I find it funny Buck still calls the Indians the “Injuns”

  10. they’re the worst because of the backwards gender norms they invoke and reinforce.

  11. It seems there’s a lot of well-deserved hammering of idiot broadcasters around here, but there seldom seems to be any – again, well-deserved – love for anybody besides Vin Scully. I watch a lot of Dodgers and Giants games because they tend to dovetail nicely with the end of Jays games and I really like their respective broadcast teams but I’m not that familiar with the rest of the Majors. Surely there’s somebody lurking in the comments section of this blog that can tell me if the Royals radio crew is worth a listen?

    • Check out Fangraphs, they rated all the broadcasters through reader comments a few months ago. Royals crew came in at 19th. Parkes is right about the AZ guys not being great, they come in at #21, Buck and Tabby are #25. Scully was #1 and Hawk Harrelson was dead last at #31 (even though there are only 30 teams).

    • I don’t mind the Royals TV guys, mainly because the last baseball game I played (console) had their colour guy on it, so it reminds me of many a wasted college Saturdays.

  12. How could you not like Buck? His voice belongs in baseball. His “Ball and a strike” is perfect. Its what baseball should sound like. I will admit his sudden bursts of excitment on routine plays are a little much at times but unless youre a story teller like Vin Scully, the voice is just backgroung noise.

    Pat Tabler however, is a joke. He offers very little insight. Better opinions are often found in the nose bleeds at the dome. I would prefer that now that i mention it.

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