There is absolutely no reason for fans of the Toronto Blue Jays to be upset at this point about the signing of Vladimir Guerrero. There will be plenty of time for that later.

It must be remembered that the team handed him a Minor League contract, which allows them to watch Guerrero as he returns to game shape, makes stops at all of their Minor League affiliates (don’t think for a minute that the Vancouver Canadians, New Hampshire Fisher Cats and Las Vegas BABIPers aren’t pleased as punch right now with the Blue Jays).

This isn’t the Baltimore Orioles giving him a guaranteed contract. This isn’t even guaranteed money. It’s a prorated $1.3 million that the team has promised to pay him if he’s not a bust on his let’s-make-the-affiliates-happy tour which will likely translate into the Blue Jays paying him around half of the $1.3 million sum when all is said and done.

In terms of playing time, this also isn’t anything like Guerrero playing for the Orioles last season. Toronto didn’t sign the former Montreal Expos superstar to be an everyday player. There will be no situations in which manager John Farrell must find a place for him in the field to get his bat in the lineup. Those days are behind Vladimir Guerrero. At this point in his career, the best a signing team can hope for is a platoon designated hitter who can offer something in terms of a useful bat off the bench.

A worst case scenario has Guerrero looking like the Vladdy of old during his Minor League tour, continuing his revival during his first few appearances for the big club, and then getting too much playing time as regression and decline rear their ugly heads. Even then, the only reasonable place for him in the lineup would see him steal at bats from Adam Lind, who has been so disastrous against left handed pitching, Guerrero wouldn’t have to do much at all to be an upgrade.

The real issue here though, is that we shouldn’t be talking about Guerrero being an upgrade over Lind. His bat should already be pulled from the lineup against left handed pitchers, and unless the team is thinking about straight platoons for both Eric Thames in left field and Colby Rasmus in center field, we must ask why Rajai Davis or Ben Francisco aren’t already in the role that Guerrero could eventually fill.

As we looked at yesterday, both players probably offer at least as much value against left handed pitching as a 37 year old Guerrero at this stage in his career. However, what basically amounts to a no risk contract, makes it worth the while of the team to see what the vintage vehicle has left in the gas tank. In many ways, the deal that was struck with Guerrero simply gives the Blue Jays first dibs on the player.

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  1. That article by Passan is piss poor.

  2. I guess my initial sour reaction to the Vladdy signing was a left-over from the JPR years. Had JP done the signing, Guerrero would be Toronto’s DH as soon as Monday. The minor league approach is the way to do it.

  3. Not being a Red Sox fan, I do believe the “outrage” isn’t because he golfed, but its because he golfed while supposedly too injured to perform. There’s a perception issue there that he apparently has no concept of.

    Not everything has to be a PR move, but at some point something has to click in your head that says “you know what, this probably isn’t the best idea”. Especially as a Red Sox player in a fish bowl, after the way last year ended and all the other stuff surrounding both Beckett and the Red Sox and after the way they’ve started this year.

  4. Parkes, I remember you criticizing the Orioles giving Miguel Tejada a minor league contract, but how is the Tejada deal any different from the Blue Jays giving Vlad a minor league deal? Neither player has very much upside yet both hold some entertainment value for the minor league franchises. I would even argue that the Orioles have more of a void on their team for Tejada than the Jays do with Vlad since the replacement player(s) Tejada would be replacing are far worse than what the Jays already have to work with.

  5. DTM Reference – “We’re going coastal here”. Pure gold boys.

  6. How narrow-minded is that HS school team in AZ to forfeit their Championship game because there is a girl playing second base. One of the parents should step up, create a fake team (not affiliated with the school) and have all the boys who want to play in that game, come out without the school involved. At least give them the chance to play in the game and win it fair and square. You know its the school making that decision and not the students.

    • I suspect the parents agree with the school (otherwise their kids wouldn’t be at such a school). Not sure about the players.

  7. I must have that cowboy hat.

  8. hey i have update on montaous walton and it turns out the guy actually did and still do play baseball, it was investigated that he did play but his trouble was basically when he got himself involved with those shady agents, stop slandering the guy because the truth is he does exist

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