I know song parodies are over played, but at this point in the creatively bankrupt times of human existence, so is everything else. And besides, with lines like:

Closer with a cold blood stare / Stricken with meniscus tear …

You’re probably not human if you don’t smile a little bit at The NOC’s parody of Don’t Stop¬†Believin’ about Mariano Rivera.

Comments (5)

  1. That was simply awesome…

  2. on the one hand, gotta give respect to Mo… even if he did serve as the coup de grace of a lot of blue jays losses over the years…

    on the other hand, Yankees Porn plus Don’t Stop Believing (working in Karaoke bars for 4 years has left me as cynical and jaded as parkes is towards life about that particular item in the Journey catalog) made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  3. the girl next to the piano is a babe

  4. That was great!

  5. Don’t Stop Relievin’ is one my fantasy team names

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