Nope, that shish is Brett Lawrie robbing the Minnesota Twins of a run in the Blue Jays’ 4-3 loss today by flipping the ball to J.P. Arencibia at home plate. Mashup work performed by @BlueJaysChirps

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I can get kind of negative when it comes to the narrative surrounding Brett Lawrie. It’s not that I don’t think he’s a good player, it’s just that the constant ball-washing from Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Alan Ashby can get very nauseating. I mean, in a two-inning span during last night’s game, they spent more time praising Lawrie while he was on the bench than any player performing on the field. Colby Rasmus double? Nah. Adam Lind line drive base hit? Meh. Jose Bautista home run? Who? OH MY GOD, BRETT LAWRIE TOOK OFF RASMUS’ HELMET LIKE A PRO, HE’S SO GREAT AND AWESOME AND SPECTACULAR.

The thing about Lawrie is that he’s perfectly capable of earning his own praise if “The Narrative” would just come down a notch. Plays like this illustrate why all Jays’ fans are excited about him. Praise him during these plays, not when he’s sitting on the bench, clapping for a Bautista home run.

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  1. Epic mashup brah!

    I don’t mind the praise for my helmet work for Colby. Cheese let me toke a fat one with him after the game.

  2. Lawrie is the man and this Getting Blanked writer is a sore bitch.

  3. That was a cool play, but you’re right… Buck and Pat sound like they’re ready to place him in the Hall of Fame when they fawn over Brett for 90+ minutes per game. Great that he plays the game the right way, has fun doing it, has a handshake/greeting for everybody, etc., etc., but give it a friggin’ rest once in awhile.

  4. Go back to Boston with your Lawrie hate. Bring that anti-Canadian Stoeten with you.
    Wtf is with all these so-called Jays fans hating on Canada and Lawrie.


    • What does Boston have to do with anything? Looks like you’re the first to mention Canada as well. Hmm.

      • was referring to the dutch douche. he hates canada for some reason.

        • OK, fair enough, though I’ll personally never attempt to reveal what’s in another man’s heart.

          • ok now u’ve made me feel bad.
            I know he doesnt really hate Canada.
            He just hates when we talk about Canadians….

        • Dutch douche, eh? I like it. It has the alliteration and the gravitas of a world-class nickname.

          Too bad I’m more Acadien than Dutch. Maybe the Acadien asshole would be better. Then again, I’m anti-Canadian so I must hate myself.

          Yeah, let’s stick with Dutch Douche. That way we can pretend that what you say is in any way important.

  5. Maybe Buck and Tab recognize a future hall of famer when they see one.
    They did play in MLB you know….maybe they know a little bit….ok Tab does, Bucks an idiot, but still…

    Lawrie is the best thing that happened to the Jays since….well…since Bautista.

    • Mostly, I think they just run out of things to talk about… and there’s always a camera on Lawrie no matter what he’s doing, so off they go.

      He’s a good player, no doubting that. I don’t think we’re doing him any favours in resorting to hyperbole, but whatever.

  6. I loved today when Greg and Jamie showed Janssen’s career closer stats and compaired them to Rivera and Hoffman. As for Buck and Pat….well they are just homers trying to get the average fan excited about an average team in a poor market.

  7. I agree on the narrative too, mostly because the praise is almost obscuring the fact that without even hitting much yet Brett Lawrie is on pace for a 5.5 WAR year in his first full season in the majors as a 22 year old.

    That should be enjoyed for itself.

    • Exactly. I mean, a lot of that has to do with inflated defensive metrics that are skewed due to Lawrie`s extreme use in the shift. But either way, he`s been really good despite not really hitting his stride yet.

      • This is going to sound really fanboyish, but, who runs out singles better/more than Brett in the LEAGUE, let alone the AL? He garners excitement for the team, which is underachieving if you look at it from a pre-season hype standpoint. He’s good for chemistry. Some players dont even look like they want to be on the field, let alone playing (Rasmus[Love him] and Lind[Fatter Overbay IMO] give more stone cold looks than Steve Austin). Put other 3rd basemen in the extremem shift and would you get similar or better results? He works hard on both sides of the ball and is very heads up. There’s a million things you could talk about when it comes to Brett Lawrie. I dont know about you, but trying to fill a 2+ hour spot and talking about Joey Bats’ downfalls, or EE’s disparaging defense, or the fact that we dont have a bonafide closer is kind of a drag… I’m just saying…

        • That’s not fair. Overbay was at least really good defensively and didn’t drop the ball with every other pickoff attempt.

    • Enjoyment should be synonymous with winning. WAR should be synonymous with overcasted skies.

  8. Travis, I enjoy reading your articles but this is why I unfollowed you on twitter. Your constant negativity is more annoying than Buck and Tabby’s positivity all the time.

    I definitely think they go overboard with their Brett praise but he’s fun as hell to watch. His moth story that they showed him telling Luvello and then the Twins thitd base coach was hilarious. Nobody else on the team would act like that and I’m glad they showed it. It was, y’know, fun. I enjoy the personality he brings to the game and if they go a little overboard when they show stuff like that then I’m fine with it.

    • I’m missing something. In what conceivable way is this article negative? I would call it realistic. He says Lawrie is great and is capable of earning his own praise. What is wrong with that?

      • I’m talking about on twitter, where in the article itself, he mentions that he’s often negative about how much attention Lawrie receives. The article even derides all of this attention. While I agree that he is worthy of receiving praise for his baseball accomplishments, I don’t see the problem with the other attention he receives because I think it’s entertaining.

        And while not mentioned in this article, but constantly mentioned on this site and others, that he receives this attention because he’s Canadian, I find that line of thinking to be complete horseshit. He receives attention because he’s energetic and does funny things all the time. I bet the Nationals Network shows Bryce Harper just as often and for good reason.

        • Actually the Nationals Network doesn’t.

        • And Bryce Harper is also a bit different in that he’s projected to be a far better player. Again, I actually quite enjoy watching Lawrie play, I just don’t enjoy the ‘praising him for nothing’ crap.

          And Sherlander’s right, the Nationals broadcast is much more reeled back in their coverage of Harper.

          • Brett Lawrie has been projected by many to be a future all-star and one of the best players in the league (and perhaps rightfully so with his offensive ability and great defense at 3B). How is that different than Bryce Harper?

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