Getting Blanked conducted a video interview with Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle following Sunday’s 3-2 12-inning win over the Houston Astros. A transcript and footage of Hurdle’s responses are posted below.

Scott Lewis: Your Pirates just took 2-of-3 from the Astros and currently sit two games below .500. Is this where you envisioned the club a little over a month into the season?

Clint Hurdle:

SL: In a mind boggling series of substitutions yesterday, you lifted Casey McGehee for Nate McLouth as a pinch hitter in the 9th, and then trotted Rod Barajas out to play first base in the top of the 10th. What was your thought process in making these decisions?


SL: A number of pundits and baseball writers have questioned the Pirates’ decision to sign Clint Barmes to a multi-year contract, did you exert some influence on the front office to bring in your former shortstop in Colorado?


SL: Ok, this is going about as well as expected. So, you plan on running Yamaico Navarro out in right field all season?


SL: Last one; should Pirates fans be concerned about your on again off again bout with a purple complexion?


SL: Thank you for your time, Clint Hurdle.

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  1. Hahaha. Nicely done!

  2. The most impressive part of this interview is that both the questions and answers were all posed during a 3-2 count, with 1 out, and a man on second in the bottom of the first. This would not only imply that the interview was conducted at warp speed, but that it saw into the future…Inception.

  3. We made our run. Baltimore was the Braves of last year. Tabata should not be on the roster. He hasn’t hit the ball out of the infield in 2 months, makes terrible plays in left and rarely hustles. Yet they keep playing him. They will not sacrifice runnners over. Who cares if McCutchen is up. Odds are he is going to make an out. Nobody cuts down their swing or chokes up to direct the ball to the open areas. Especially with these shifts they run. A bunch of multi millionares who do what they want. I see 14 under .500 and 4th place unless they make some drastic changes like sending down Tabata, brining up Marte and Clement. Very unlikely to happen. Another disgraceful year is in progress and they are doing nothing to stop it………….I’m ready to read about a successful organization. The steelers. There is no “authority” on this team. Do this if you want to play! Just going about their separate little battles……………Uggghhh…………………….Chris

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