Vernon Wells played in 158 games for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2009. He was terrible: below average at the plate and absolutely atrocious in the field. Nearing the end of the season, fans heard whispers and unconfirmed reports that the team’s center fielder was battling injury throughout the season.

The Blue Jays media handlers eventually spun this into making the face of the franchise appear to be heroic.

Wells may not have been 100%, but he went out there every day to try to make the fans happy.

It was nonsense. While ideally, a front office or coaching staff would have enough sway to place a struggling star on the Disabled List, Wells would’ve contributed far more to the team by taking himself out of the lineup, and resuming play once he was healthy enough to do so. Even if it was an injury that would only get better through surgery, it would be better to get it, work at improving during the off season and come back even stronger next season than clogging the lineup with replacement level performances.

Before suffering a hamstring injury on May 5th, Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp was on a tear, dominating the league in a way that only the best players are capable. Since then, not so much. Kemp put up an OPS of 1.342 before the injury, but from May 5th on, he’s gotten on base in less than 26% of his plate appearances and has only a .477 OPS.

After an MRI exam revealed a slight strain in his left hamstring, the club placed the active leader for consecutive games played on the Disabled List, and recalled Jerry Sands from its Triple A affiliate.

According to Kemp:

They had to talk me into it a little bit. It’s hard to sit out 15 days. I was going crazy watching (this game). But we have a bunch of good guys on this team. They will continue to play well. When I come back, I will help them any way I can to help us win.

To say that Kemp will be missed is an understatement worthy of the most subtle double take of all time. Even with Andre Ethier, the Dodgers are quite literally a below average offensive club without their center fielder. Kemp’s 18.2 batting runs above average are the highest on the team by 7.3 runs.

This past off season, there was much eye rolling over the Dodgers seemingly over paying for replacement level talent, and while the Kemp contract doesn’t immediately make all other mistakes forgivable, it does make having Juan Rivera, Adam Kennedy and James Loney in the lineup a bit easier to swallow. Without Kemp’s protective excellence, I think the mediocrity of the Dodgers is going to be found out rather quickly over the next two weeks.

However, it’s better for Kemp, and ultimately better for the team, that he takes the time off now rather than offering his services at only a percentage of what they could be.

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