The verdict has come down from MLB, and Brett Lawrie has been suspended for four games and fined an undisclosed amount of money following last night’s outburst. Unsurprisingly, he will appeal the decision.

The immediate consensus is that the punishment falls short of expectations, especially considering that Yadier Molina was suspended for five games because of this:

There’s not as much helmet throwing, but a whole lot more saliva being tossed during Molina’s tantrum, so judge as you will. Frankly, I’m a little tired of the entire subject.

For more on the suspension, check out DJF.

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  1. You’ve certainly put a lot of work into the subject I am sure your fatigue is well earned lol

  2. Lawrie didn’t invade the umpire’s space like Molina did, he took what he was given…then farell showed up.

  3. Certainly a lower number of games than I expected but, to play devil’s advocate, Molina did bump into him a bunch and we can’t be sure what he said. Also, he does have a neck tattoo so it opens him up to things like that. ;)

  4. Mlb saw that the umpire clearly had mens rea, the last ball called strike was premeditated, and he knew Lawrie would have a reaction.
    If you watch the video the umpire ejects him even before the helmet is thrown.
    What Lawrie did was wrong, in only that he threw something, ball players argue balls and strikes all the time batters, and pitchers.
    If the umpire didn’t flop maybe he’d get five games.

  5. Soccer vs Rugby? Which do you want baseball to be like? In southern hemisphere rugby the only player who is allowed to speak to a ref is the team captain. They generally refer to the ref as sir. “Chirping”, as in griping at the ref is a 10 metre penalty. Penalties are almost always obeyed immediately. Referees command a remarkable degree of respect.

    In soccer you have multiple players in the ref’s face on almost every serious call. Players make contact with refs and definitely attempt to intimidate them. Refs get chased off the field. Players fake injuries hoping to deceive refs. Referees have virtually zero respect.

    Lawrie should have taken his medicine and hope that things will even out. In other words, he should be more like a rugby player than a soccer player.

    • Have you seen him play, he has passion like a rugby player, He was drilled by a 95 mph pitch in the knee walked it off right after and stayed in the game, A soccer player wouldnt do that.
      Lawrie has all the medicine in the world a genuine passion for a game. Could just shut his mouth and collect a pay check like so many tohers and not give a damn but thats what people like about him.
      Parkes will insult Lawrie but not Bryce Harper who’s exactly the same, pick your
      pleasant poison because these guys are gamers. Hamliton and Kemp the two best players in the world are also like this.
      Lawrie needs no medicine or toning it down the guys a beast.

      • “37% of the called strikes against the Jays last night were OUT of the strike zone”. Sports show the numbers dont lie.

        • 21% is the league avg, Umpire have money on the game or reservations at Captain John’s Harbour Boat?

    • Neither applies here, and I would guess football is not the sport of choice for you sir. Football referees do command a certain degree of respect, however, as you pointed out not nearly as much as rugby, but I think it is besides the point. And think what would happen if chirping is no longer a 10m penalty.

      Lawrie behaved the way he is as a human rather than a baseball player. I can hardly fault him, especially when he suspected (as did I) intent to call phantom strikes. With that said, he should learn from the suspension and be a better man.

  6. Your really dumb Parkes, Molina got up in the umps face and talked shit, you comparing the 2 shows why so many of us on here dislike your articles

  7. I think 4 games in about right. I was thinking yesterday 3-5.

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that Lawrie hit him by accident. Players throw bats and helmets down all the time after bad calls and nothing happens to them. It’s just carelessness and bad luck that it hit the ump. If the helmet bounces a little differently and misses him, I don’t think we’re still talking about this today. You have to suspend him just on principle for making contact with the ump, but it’s not like he threw it at him.

    It was stupid to throw it, but he’s a male in his early twenties in a high intensity situation. He’s going to do some stupid things. In the same situation, I can easily see Travis Snider, for example, throwing his helmet at the ground.

  8. Committing a hate crime off the field is 5 games, so I thought 4 games is a little steep. Maybe it matters where you commit a hate crime, but I don’t think it should.

  9. Parkes still doesn’t get that Lawrie was COMPLETELY justified in what he did.
    The ump had no intention of calling the 3-1 pitch a strike until Lawrie flew down the line. Baseball fans understand this.
    He also had no intention of calling the 3-2 pitch a ball no matter where it ended up.
    Baseball fans understand this.
    Parkes does not understand any of this.
    So…according to Socrates….Parkes is in the wrong profession.

    • “COMPLETELY justified in what he did.”

      I disagree with the above statement, so i’m going to punch you in the face.

    • Baseball fans, the world’s greatest mind readers. Good to know.

      • I knew u were going to say that.

      • but seriously, u dont have to be a mind reader to know that the ump was not calling that pitch (8 inches outside) a strike if Lawrie had of just stood there and waited patiantly for a call.
        and he sure as fuck wasnt going to take that shit 2 times in a row.
        the ump deserves a bigger suspension than lawrie imo.

        btw…check out who’s side the Americans are on…

        but what do they know about baseball, right?

  10. “The immediate consensus” – Who would be part of this consensus? Do you mean the immediate consensus in TheScore’s offices? or….?

    • I would actually agree that four games is too lenient for losing control and tossing a helmet at an umpire, but the consensus among fans seems to be the opposite of that:

      It seems many in the States actually empathized with Lawrie’s situation (in being shown up on two consecutive calls) rather than Miller’s (in having to deal with helmets being thrown in his direction after making bad calls).

      • I expected 5 games.
        I’m not anywhere near the “he was justified” bandwagon, but I do believe that it was an accident, so I understand why the punishment is somewhat lenient.

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