Getting Blanked? More like Getting Fired Up! (Or something.) Today we talk about the Brett Lawrie thing and the David Wright thing and the Stephen Strasburg hot balls thing. Then we talk about how RBIs are not really the thing any more.

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Comments (10)

  1. Get with the times, guys. It’s all about OPSBIs these days.

  2. Is it not RBI instead of RBIs? I was under the impression that RBI stood for Runs Batted, therefore RBI is already referring to multiple occurrences.

  3. How dare you defile RBIs?! What ridiculous statement are you guys gonna spew out next? Pitching wins don’t really reflect the true performance of a pitcher? The fastest guy shouldn’t always bat lead-off? The best reliever shouldn’t be used only on save situations?

  4. Is your demographic that young or blank that you need to teach them what RBI means, whats next HR, or ERA.

  5. I’m puzzled by the reaction to Robot umps. Why is part of the charm of baseball getting calls wrong? Is the goal to minimize negative reactions to calls or to simply get the call RIGHT in the first place?

    You guys mention Tennis – but Cricket has had fantastic results using technology.

  6. Waiting for the one about how badly people misuse FIP or at least the context it’s used in or should be used in, including our beloved DJF/Getting Blanked crew.

  7. Parkes is becoming increasingly difficult to listen to. How about approaching at least one conversation without taking the role of condescending douchebag. Fairservice and Stoeten are great to listen to as always.

  8. Brett Lawrie can do whatever he wants because he’s this good:

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