As we documented earlier today, Stephen Strasburg’s struggles on the mound yesterday afternoon against the San Diego Padres was at least in part attributed to, as manager Davey Johnson put it, some “Hot Stuff” going to the wrong place.

For the purpose of clarity, we’ll assume that by “Hot Stuff” and “wrong place,” Johnson is referring to an analgesic ointment in the bathing suit area. At least that’s what former Cincinnati Reds reliever and pathetic radio co-host Rob Dibble took it to mean, as evidenced by this distasteful tweet.

Dibble, as you may recall, lost his job as a broadcaster for the Washington Nationals after successive on air incidents in which he insulted both female fans and Strasburg. He later claimed that the starting pitcher’s father wrote to the teams owners asking for his head because of his questioning the player’s toughness, but this has largely been denied by everyone but Dibble.

In fact, Stan Kasten, who was the team’s president at the time, called Dibble’s claims fictional and sad. As we see today, the sadness continues.

Shortly after tweeting, it’s assumed that Dibble crouched on the ground, grunted and said, “We make fire here.”