After yesterday’s controversial edition of the Getting Blanked Show attracted the attention of Canadian officials for our criticism of Brett Lawrie, today we talk about his punishment and what it means for the Jays (very little.)

We then talk about Adrian Gonzalez’s own challenges with umpires and Yu Darvish’s ongoing dominance. As an added bonus, we spoke with Brandon Morrow this week about his ever-changing arsenal of pitches and how he prepares/scouts his future strikeout victims.

And, of course, it is Thursday so we have another edition of Proposition Hate. This week’s wager is total bases compiled by all American League pitchers with the bat during this weekend’s interleague battles. Go to the Getting Blanked facebook page and vote on the game the loser must watch.

If you aren’t into video, below is an audio-only version of the show and an MP3 link. You can also subscribe to The Getting Blanked Podcast on iTunes, to have the podcast, live stream MP3s and other life-changing materials delivered straight to your computer each week via the RSS feed here.

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  1. They’re just giving away BL ‘Jitos on the street!

  2. Sweet interview, Drew

  3. nice shirt, drew

  4. You guys are wayyyyyy low on the Total Bases. Here’s my logic:

    14 AL teams, roughly 4 AB per game, 3 games: 14 x 4 x 3 = 168AB

    Assuming the pitchers hit .100, that’s 17TB right there. More accurate would assume that they hit roughly .130, equating to about 22 hits.

    Take those 22 hits and assume 60% are singles, 30% are doubles, and 10% are homeruns. That equals 13 singles, 7 doubles, and 2 home runs. Total bases: 35!!

    • But then again, they’re going to be bunting a lot, which will greatly reduce their changes for hits. I’ll temper my expectation to 30 total bases.

  5. Bud Light Lime: Nectar of the GODS.

  6. Drew, Derek Holland is more of a gym rat, than an athlete.

  7. Really enjoyed the interview. The mainstream media doesn’t usually ask questions like that of the players, so you don’t get to hear them talk about their strategies (or in this case, their arsenals) often.

    I’ve also become fascinated by Brandon Morrow’s development as a pitcher this season. He’s striking out and walking less guys, inducing more groundballs, and pitching significant better with runners on (which has been the key in keeping the ERA down). Outside of the Seattle and Oakland starts, he’s really looked like a completely different guy than what we saw in 2010/2011. And on Monday, as he mentioned, Morrow was almost entirely a fastball/changeup pitcher, rather than fastball/slider. I’ll be interested to see whether he keeps up this variety all season or eventually falls back into his old ways.

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