Much has been written over the last few months regarding Major League Baseball’s umpires and the human element, as well as the imminent integration of robot versions of umpires. We say ‘imminent integration’ because only a fool would believe that human umpires will be around much longer after the introduction of the iPad 4.

While it’s all well and good to debate the merits and drawbacks of both human and android umpires, it would be remiss to belabour which method of adjudication would be better without further examination of how the latter would look on the field of play. Luckily, Getting Blanked can provide you with a glimpse into the future. This is what robot umpires will look like.

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  1. umm, iron man is not a robot…

  2. Friday is a good day.

  3. I for one, will welcome our robot overlords.

  4. Excellent photo essay, Scott.

  5. Oh psylons?

  6. Bring on the robots every species deserves a chance to be the Alpha species !

  7. Haha this is creative. Nice piece.

  8. Here’s a thought, how about a compromise between electronic umpiring and human umpiring. Just give the home plate umpire a handheld machine that works like pitch f/x, problem solved.

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