Update: It looks like Kerry Wood might want a victory lap. Reports are circulating that Wood wants to pitch in the game tonight and retire tomorrow! Weird. Whatever, Kerry. Get yours.

Bit of a shocking bit of news as it appears Kerry Wood, one of the most talented pitchers of his generation, will announce his retirement from baseball today. Wood is famous for his twenty strikeout performance for the Cubs in 1998, one of the best pitched games of all time. Wood was one of the game’s premier power pitchers around the turn of the century (lol) but injuries derailed his career, limiting him to just two seasons with more than 30 starts.

Wood eventually remade himself as a relief pitcher, closing for the Cubs and Indians before serving as a setup guy for the Yankees. Poised for a significant payday as a closer for hire, Wood chose instead to return to Chicago in a lessened role.

The big Texan struggled badly in 2012, walking more than twice the batters he struck out in just nine appearances. His velocity dipped but the sheer inability to throw the ball in the zone seemed to spell the end.

What might have been for Kerry Wood? While it is easy to wishcast a long, glorious career with multiple Cy Youngs and World Series appearances, not many people who watched Kerry Wood pitch in his prime will ever forget the overpowering righty. The 20 strikeout game, however aided by a generous strikezone it might have been, will live forever. Congrats on a great career, Kerry.