Remembering Brett Lawrie

Enjoy it before every copyright law in North America is invoked to take it down.

From @nmarty14.

Comments (16)

  1. Holy fuck, this is awesome.

  2. Brilliant. Great find.

  3. Best thing I’ve ever seen.

    • It’s missing Bautista holding up that big seat cushion to avoid getting hurt by Lawrie’s high fives, but yeah it is still the best video ever.

  4. England’s greatest baseball player.

  5. baaahahahah absolutely outstanding

  6. Two SPECTACULAR posts in a row.

  7. This is outstanding on so many levels

  8. Wow wee wow wow

  9. Someone get him a chinstrap as his helmet is being thrown in some capacity in about 28.8% of the footage.

  10. guys, always put it on dailymotion or the best, as far as I remember
    they dont erase those things from there.

    thx !

  11. video was good, then I saw the ending, HAHAHAHA That’s My Brett!!!

  12. The new Darcy Tucker ! If this guy was on the Yankees man he would be hated!

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