According to several sources, the Toronto Blue Jays placed beleaguered first baseman Adam Lind on outright waivers just 24 hours after sending him to AAA-Las Vegas.

The Blue Jays didn’t announce the move, but according to sources he “showed up on the waiver wire Friday.”

If Lind clears, he can be removed from the 40-man roster. However, outright waivers are irrevocable; in other words, if someone claims him, the Jays must let him go, they cannot pull him off waivers and keep him on the 40-man roster.

Given that Lind will make $5-million in base salary this year and next and has a string of club options beyond 2013 that guarantee him another $3.5-million, it’s unlikely that any team will submit a claim. Unless of course White Sox GM Kenny Williams finds out he’s on the waiver wire, then he’s as good as gone.

As I said, if Lind clears waivers, the Jays can (and almost certainly will) remove him from the 40-man roster and outright him to AAA, but they could also be priming for an unconditional release. It would mean eating the remaining $10.75-millionish, but Toronto is clearly all but done with Lind at this point.

Before being sent down to AAA last week, Lind was hitting a miserable .186/.273/.314 with a 61 wRC+ in 132 plate appearances. Since his breakout 2009 season where he posted a 139 wRC+, Lind has hit just .238/.289/.420 in 1,287 plate appearances.

With the emergence of Edwin Encarnacion as a viable first base option, the signing of Vladimir Guerrero, the presence of Travis Snider, and the solid play of fringe prospects Yan Gomes and David Cooper, there simply is not place on the roster for Lind.

What’s most amazing about this story is the fact that Lind went from being the Jays cleanup hitter, to potentially never playing with the team again in a matter of days.

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  1. Anthopolous just incepted Parkes.

  2. I think the total dollar figure is

    2012 – $3.75 million for the rest of the year
    2013 – $5.00 million
    2014 – $7.00 million (Team option) or buyout of $2.0 million
    2015 – $7.50 million (Team option) or buyout of $1.0 million
    2016 – $8.00 million (Team option) or buyout of $0.5 million

    Total: $10.75 million minimum if the buyout is exercised in 2014 making him a free agent at that point.

  3. You might as well just put it on the board: Kenny Williams is picking him up.

  4. Yikes…..I kinda feel bad for the guy, but I am also somewhat happy inside.

  5. Travis, you’re right – it’s amazing how much has transpired for Lind in less than a week. I don’t think AA would want to eat the remaining $10+ million, but if Kenny Williams wants to take a crack, let him have Lind.

  6. Certainly looks like 100 PA was the absolute deadline, I wonder if they straight up told him.

  7. Seeing as we all know lineup construction is largely irrelevant, especially over 40 games, i don’t know why anyone would worry about Lind getting 100ABs in the 4 spot. I think it is good that AA/Farrell gave him the chance to fail (again). Lind is useless if he isn’t an impact hitter. they gave him one last opportunity to be a middle of the order bat. All excuses have been exhausted.

    I think they handled it perfectly. As people have said they are humans. Lind or his defenders can’t say he didn’t have a shot. Now it is time to bitch about cooper or snider not getting a shot.

    • Oh god, not Cooper. We want someone who has the chance to be better than Lind, no?

      • Cooper gets one more shot, doesn’t he? Hell, he was the PCL batting champion last year…

        • If any scout had him on any radar as even a semi-prospect, maybe. Comb the list of PCL batting champions, not an impressive bunch.

          Right now Adam Eaton is leading the PCL in hitting (yes, the former pitcher). John Lindsey, John Bowker, Terry Tiffee, Brian Myrow, etc, etc, etc

  8. Recently from Shi Davidi:

    Just spoke to Adam Lind. He hasn’t been told by Jays he’s been outrighted. “I don’t know if they have or if they haven’t. I don’t know what’s true and what’s not. Alex … has always been real straightforward, that’s why I’m having trouble believing it.”


    This is getting weirder.

  9. I’d be surprised if they outright released him and ate the money remaining. It would make more sense to eat a chunk of the contract in a trade for a bag of balls. Are there really no clubs that would gamble on Lind for 5 million over 2 years?

    • He has a minimum of $10.75-million left on the deal when you include the buyouts on the club options. I don’t think anybody would take that.

      • Yes, I know. As I said, it would make more sense for the Jays to eat a large chunk of his contract in a trade vs eating the full contract and releasing him entirely.

        If you ate 5.75 million, he has only 5 million remaining over this year and the next year by my count. That’s what I was suggesting. And I still think some team might be willing to do it.

  10. I heard a rumor that Miami was thinking about picking him up because they demoted Gaby Sanchez. What about a straight up trade?

  11. I my opinion getting rid off him is a waste they should let him stay in aaa for the rest of the season and then let him in spring training and if he is still struggling then trade him

  12. good riddance. adam sucks.

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