Hard to blame Braves catcher Brian McCann for wondering if something was up last night. His battery mate, Mike Minor, surrendered four homes in four innings. Minor is the most homer-prone pitcher in baseball so far in 2012. In the bottom of the fourth inning last night, Minor surrendered back-to-back-to-back home runs to the Reds; hurler Mike Leake started the barrage with the first tater of his career.

Brian McCann clearly knew something was up when he flashed the signs from the behind the plate. Were the Reds stealing signs? Probably not, but McCann thinks something is weird.

Mike Leake is a good hitting pitcher and McCann was right to be wary. Better keep an eye on these shifty Reds, make sure no peaking is going on.

Leake eventually deposited a Minor offering into the left field bleachers. Much to the chagrin of the Braves team leader. They must be stealing his signs!

Later, after the home run barrage subsided, McCann remained punchy and suspicious of all Reds hitters. Watch him give slugger Joey Votto The Eye (before Minor walked Votto on four pitches.)

They’re all around you, Brian! Trust no one, all sources are corrupted. It’s McCann against the world.