I read something about Steven Tyler one time, and I’m pretty sure the details I’m about to relay are wrong (maybe the Aerosmith fans among us can correct me), but it’s the spirit of this story that matters more than anything else.

During a mid 80s Aerosmith reunion tour, the band held an intervention and convinced Tyler to enter a drug rehabilitation program.

After successfully completing his treatment, Tyler felt as though he was experiencing everything again for the first time. From ice cream cones to conversations, it was all new again for the famous front man.

One day, while walking around in Manhattan, Tyler decided to go into a record store. While inside, he began flipping through his band’s records, and while looking through all of the titles, it dawned on him that he had no memory whatsoever of putting any of the greatest hits albums together and foggy recollections at best of recording several of Aerosmith’s most popular tracks.

For some reason, that sort of reminds me of this:

Of course, David Price didn’t battle any drug addiction that would have caused him to forget that he once pitched right handed. The baseball card is merely confusing him with James Shields (or else an amazing work of Photoshop). However, it does remind us that the representation of athletes and singers and other celebrities might not always be the most accurate.

And it also reminds us of this: