Former Major League catcher and current Rogers Sportsnet baseball analyst Gregg Zaun delivered this lovely tweet to his Twitter followers earlier this morning. It would be easy to point out how such a comment is, at best, the unfunny sophomoric ramblings of an aged jock douche bag far removed from anything resembling his element, and at worst, representative of a deep seated hatred toward women, but instead, I think we should take Zaun’s tweet at face value.

Given that the player was named in the Mitchell Report with a photo copy of a cheque made out to notorious performance enhancing drug dealer Kirk Radomski, for which Zaun had this ludicrous excuse, perhaps he’s something of an expert when it comes to what might constitute a high testosterone or estrogen level. I’d bet $500 that he is.

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  1. Did Parkes just pick a fight with Gregg Zaun?

  2. That was sort of funny. He tries too hard in my opinion. Why any one follows Gregg Zaun is amazing, though.

  3. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown up, Parkes!

    The sensitivity you’re showing lately is really something.

    • He’s made such strides since he wrote his DJF guide “to punching kitty at the ballpark.”

    • If he’s not married already I am sure Parkes will be one of those guys to take his wife’s name solely in the name of equality. You go PC champion of the interwebs!

  4. C’mon Parkes, that was pretty funny.

  5. Zaun with a period? That would mark his first complete sentence.

  6. let people have their fun jesus christ, if you don’t like it don’t read it. zaun’s just trying to have fun… shouldn’t you?

  7. Especially when he’s wearing a skirt in his Twitter profile photo!

  8. John Lott retweeted this. Hilarious.

  9. I can’t believe this shit passes for any type of content anywhere. Maybe somebody should make an outraged post about how Parkes’ Getting Blanked Video intro is offensive to people with Tourette’s or something. What a joke.

  10. Why is this even worth commenting on? Or commenting on the comment…dammit.

  11. Misogyny: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

    Hyperbole: obvious and intentional exaggeration; overstatement.

  12. Next he’ll be calling Nicole Kidman a fat bitch!

  13. White knights to the rescue. What team are you on exactly? You’re an embarrassment to your gender.

  14. Dustin Parkes – Supreme Whiteknight.

  15. How is this misogyny? It’s not like he’s from Boston.

  16. women like shoes. saying so is not sexist.

  17. Hey Parkes,

    Maybe you can write an article defending this woman?

  18. I’m sure Parkes leaves the room in protest when one of his buddies makes a sexist joke.

  19. Ran in to Zaun a few years ago at one of his favourite bars and he quipped this doozy. Free agents around baseball dont really want to go to Toronto. The one advantage it has over other cities is its women. They are known around MLB as the most likely to offer up their ass.

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