As I wrote for DJF last night, during the top of the eighth inning of his team’s 8-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie was called out for not touching second base after rounding the base ever so slightly before returning to first base when the Yan Gomes fly ball he was watching was caught by B.J. Upton.

MLB’s official rules state that if a base runner is forced to return to the base from which he started, as is the case with a fly ball being caught, he has to retouch all of the bags he touched while advancing forward in reverse order.

It seems simple enough, but viewing from this third base line vantage point, it’s not so clear that Lawrie advances after sliding into second base. Certainly, this is what he argued shortly after he was called out by umpire Rob Drake.

But from a camera angle on the first base side, we get a pretty good idea of what Drake saw to prompt him to make the call, as it appears that Lawrie makes three steps toward third base on the inside of the base line before chugging back to first.

This was Lawrie’s second game back since his petulant behaviour toward umpire Bill Miller landed him a four game suspension. Without that confrontation, it’s very likely that this play isn’t thought of again, and instead of over examining it, we’d be using the GIF to merely make fun of Lawrie’s EXTREME slide into second base as he watches the fly ball float in center field.

However, his tantrum did happen, and it happened loudly. That’s something that Lawrie will have to be mindful of moving forward (or at least looking as though he’s moving forward). His complaints over being called out were moderate by comparison this time as his helmet stayed on his head as the energetic player jogged a dozen or so feet in the umpire’s direction to ask why he was called out. According to Lawrie in the post game scrum, “Don’t argue,” was the only response that Drake would offer.

Perhaps, in addition to not invading an umpire’s space, Lawrie would also be better served by not knocking them out of the game with foul balls either. Seriously though, Drake’s response to his question is something of a lesson, and it’s reminiscent of one that anyone experiences in a close relationship with someone else.

There are going to be times when your significant other is going to do irrational things that you don’t like or that you believe to be unfair. The same is true of you. You will be right in calling out their irrationality and they will be wrong if they attempt to defend it. However, that doesn’t mean you should raise the issue. For the sake of a harmonious relationship with that person, you’re going to have to, as they say, suck it up from time to time.

I imagine this to be very close to what it’s like dealing with an umpire. You don’t want to see yourself abused, but you must pick and choose your battles.

And The Rest

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