No, despite the uncanny resemblance, this isn’t a picture of the sink I avoided in a restroom at a gas station on the I-79 this past weekend. It’s the recently removed facial hair of Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford.

The Canadian reliever, whose antics with the press earlier this month suggested he may actually indeed be a baseball player with a sense of humour, tweeted out a picture of his former gloriously ironic facial hair last night with the simple hastag #RIP.

We’ll remember it fondly:

John Axford in 2012:

John Axford in 2011:

John Axford in 2010:

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  1. This is like that timewhen, as a kid, you finally figure out that your dad isn’t superman…. For shame Mr Axford…. For shame. You’d better have a good reason for this.

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