Worst. Bobblehead. Ever.

The¬†indispensable Philadelphia Phillies blog Zoo With Roy brings us this travesty of a design from the official Phillies Shop featuring a left handed Roy Halladay in a right handed windup with chin strap facial hair and some dark brown lettuce underneath his cap. That’s right. This isn’t some foreign copyright infringing knockoff. It’s the genuine article.


Update: Apparently, there’s some actual controversy to this monstrosity of a collectible. Click here to follow along.

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  1. Shoocking. The 2003 Cy Young bobblehead was excellent…wonder why they wouldn’t use the same mould.

  2. That’s just down-right negligent.

  3. That is what happens when you hire some fine arts major to do work for you who has probably never even seen a game of baseball before!
    Sad…just sad

  4. What in the god damned fucking hell??

  5. Why is it smiling

  6. So scary. Doc should sue.

  7. 2 more complaints…

    wtf is with the smile doc isn’t programmed to smile while on the mound

    And anyone notice the glove and ball are on the wrong hands… He’s holding the ball with his left hand while he’s in a right handers windup.

  8. Is that Lowell from Wings?

  9. Whoever approved that design should be fired.

  10. I don’t use the term hero very often…but whoever made these is a True American Hero.

  11. Halladay is now throwing left-handed with a reverse-windup?

    Maybe that explains his “struggles” so far this season.

  12. someone deserves a hard slap for this one

    • I clicked on that link. The funny thing is the bobblehead looks more like Chris Carpenter than Halladay.

    • That bobblehead is actually better than the one pictured in the post. Not worse. If you ever pitched properly, you would know it’s better. It doesn’t look like Halladay and the finger out of the glove is laughable but it’s not the worst.

    • I burst out laughing in the middle of a phone conversation when I saw that one. It’s the straight-out leg, I think, that did the damage.

  13. Or there is the constipated catcher trying to squeeze one out…


  14. Also, his butt is too round

  15. Worst. Bobblehead. Ever.

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