It’s the week’s best baseball GIFs, neatly compiled in one place and ready to wreak havoc on your browser. How could we not lead with a shot of Bobby Valentine catching an umpire’s gum, handing it back to him, and walking away while pointing with so much condemnation? It’s really perfect.

Here are the rest of the GIFs that made us gasp, guffaw, and groan over the past week.

Tony Campana goes full Superman, finishes with a fist pump of the week

Bryce Harper throws like a pro of the week

The Bryce Harper may hit and throw like a pro, but he catches like shit of the week

What are you swinging at, Rickie Weeks?

Seriously, what are you swinging at?

Colby Rasmus chewing of the week

Dat Dude is just dat good of the week

Can’t swing and stand up at the same time of the week

LOLgan Morrison of the week

The exception of the week

Comments (5)

  1. 1) That’s an awsome movie.
    2) Has anyone ever noticed how obsessed Jose seems to be about his finger nails (see Colby Gif)?

    • 1) Agreed!
      2) Bautista does it all the time. He’s been hitting like a champion though, so keep on keepin’ on Jose.

  2. That was a nice swing by Weeks….

  3. I’m kinda confused, was Morrison not expecting the throw from right field or something?

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