Amid a flurry of roster moves made by the Toronto Blue Jays today came this little snowflake:

Good thing the Blue Jays moved swiftly to lock up McGowan through 2014. While the questionable three year, $4.1 million contract that was signed before the start of the season won’t harm the team that much financially, there were worries that locking McGowan up would be a poor use of a roster space in the future.

Well, at least with today’s news, that’s no longer an issue.

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  1. Become a scout. Pull a Billy Beane. Help Anthopoulos rectify giving you that contract.

  2. To quote Bluebird Banter:

    “McGowan has already been on the DL for almost 60 days so moving him to the 60-day DL doesn’t change much for him.”

    • Unfortunately, Mr. Dakers seems to be misinformed about how retroactive DL placement works.

      • MD: A 15-day DL placement can only be made retroactive 10 days, but I don’t believe the same 10-day rule applies to players being shifted from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL.

      • should we be surprised that someone at BBB has no clue wtf they’re talking about? that place is awful.

  3. Why is Parkes posting Blue Jays info on Getting Blanked now?

  4. Since Game 1 on April 5th (without the retroactive rules that apply to the 15-day DL) he’s been on the DL 51 days already. Definitely didn’t think we’d see him by June 4th so this changes nothing.

  5. Dustin, I think you’re being facetious but one of my first thoughts when the contract was signed was that they should hide him on the DL until he was actually ready to pitch in the bigs. Hell, what if he’s not even injured and they’re just using this time to breed a monster in the dank basement known as extended spring training?

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