The Catch

This is Derrick Salberg making a leaping catch over the left field bullpen fence with a runner on to record the final out of the ninth inning and quite literally save the game for his Lower Columbia College Red Devils in the first round of the NWAACC Baseball Championships at David Story Field on Friday.

Courtesy of The Daily News.

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  1. Decent but not nearly as good as Tyler Thornburg’s two catches in the same game.
    He is now a stud in the brewers system.

  2. here’s my question: who in the fucking fuck builds an outfield fence that short? i realize that only the bullpen section of the fence is that tiny and the rest is big-people height, but seriously? is a fence still a fence when you can leap over it without touching it? or is it more like a midget-corral?

  3. What’s the rule on what a legitimate catch is? I presume you have to catch the ball before you hit the ground on the other side of the fence? i.e., not allowed to leap over the fence, take five steps back, then catch the ball…

    • I didn’t know the answer to this, either, but according to KLaw on the twitter your feet have to be “over the field” when you catch the ball.

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