The headline is not misleading, my friends. Reds utility man Todd Frazier stepped up to the plate today against geriatric punch line Jamie Moyer of the Colorado Rockies and literally threw his bat at one of Moyer’s patented 72 MPH changeups.

And then this happened.

The ball went about 370 feet into the leftfield bleachers at Great American Ballpark for a home run. From that angle, it looks like it could have been a broken bat or that Frazier perhaps let go of the bat after making contact. Well, you’d be wrong in those assumptions, fair reader.

Here’s the slow motion view from the side.

I’m not sure how it’s physically possible, but apparently it is.

Hot GIF Action from THE Scott Lewis.

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  1. I bet Frazier could slice an apple in half with a thrown tomahawk from 30 paces like a boss.

  2. No, his left hand is clearly on the bat until the ball hits the bat.

  3. Reminds me of that ‘two hits with one swing’ GIF from last year. Now I’m going to have to look that one up and post about 2 impossible hits at one time. And you will be linked to, good sir, from my own blog, which I shall not plug here, out of respect for the GIFs you have produced.

  4. closest i’ve come to seeing that is, I think 1995 Collectors Choice baseball cards had trivia and predictions. One of them was Albert Belle would be the first to hit a broken bat homerun…

    • Pretty sure Fred McGriff once broke his bat on a homer at the Ex. Of course, if it happens in Canada it didn’t happen. Especially pre-WS years.

  5. You guys are missing the best part: Moyer’s girlish response to the HR. Golden.

  6. Jamie’s Moyer career has now officially jumped the shark.

    • The fact the rockies actually gave jamie moyer a rotation spot tells you everything you need to know about the rockies


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