One very long weekend series and you go from the uplifting story of an underdog to one of the worst division-leading clubs in baseball. That is how it goes in the land competitive balance forgot.

Hat tip to D Mac, the originator of RDM

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  1. That might be the second most uplifting thing I’ve encountered today. The first being getting a job interview at a brew pub. But this runs a close second.

  2. The White Sox have had the Indians’ number for many years. One lost weekend does not a season make….right, Jays fans? Anyway, stop complaining about the divisions and try to be more like Tampa and the Orioles — find the market inefficiencies. Lord knows, that’s what the Indians have done with their meager resources.

    • Who complained? Also, what have the Indians “done”, exactly?

      • Jays fans are like Canucks fans of the MLB. Brett Lawrie is the next coming of Mantle. Bautista was “robbed” of the MVP. The Fan590 radio spot which claims that purchasing Yu Darvish’s contract is a bad investment.

        I can’t tell you how many Torontonians told me that baseball sucked and they stopped following since the strike….until this year.

        Jays fans need to learn what it’s like to suffer a bit.

        With regards to the Tribe: they fleeced Atlanta by acquiring Lowe (besides his previous outing). They fleeced Seattle numerous times over by getting A-Cab and Choo. And they super-fleeced LA by turning Casey Blake into Carlos Santana.

        • And all that netted them…what? Not saying those are good trades (Lowe notwithstanding) but they have won, what, exactly?

        • EVERY city could say this about it’s fans at one point or another. The Jays are not the ‘X’ of anywhere, they’re just the home team of the city you live in, therefore the one you hear the most complaints about.

        • “Jays fans need to learn what it’s like to suffer a bit.”

          We haven’t been in the playoffs since 1993. What is your definition of ‘a bit’?

    • The Orioles as masters of market inefficiencies? Maybe in South Korea, amirite?

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