It was just announced that Roy Halladay is a human being. Okay, it was actually announced that Philadelphia Phillies starter Roy Halladay will be out six to eight weeks with a strained right latissimus dorsi, which proves he is a human being, but you know what I’m getting at.

The team has placed him on the 15-day Disabled List, and it’s very likely that we won’t see Doc again until after the All-Star break.

Halladay is the latest member of the Phillies to miss significant time due to injury this season, and with a roster whose average age ranks it as the second oldest in all of baseball (and that’s not including the already injured Ryan Howard at 32 years old and Chase Utley at 33 years old) it’s not really surprising.

I’m not sure where the Phillies go from here. With Cole Hamels potentially leaving at the end of this season via free agency (if not sooner via trade), ditto for Shane Victorino, so much money locked up in Howard and Jonathan Papelbon for the next six years and the rapidly decaying body of Utley, Halladay seemed like the team’s only constant.

However, given this latest set back for the team, a neutral observer can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the end of an incredible run for the Phillies, that’s included five straight division titles.

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  1. Which also means he’ll miss the Jays in Toronto.

    Here’s this from Will Carroll: “Losing Halladay never good, but low-grade lat strain has to be considered pretty positive.”

  2. Trade him to Toronto when he returns :)

  3. Too bad Roy. Come back and dominate the rest of the year.

  4. Time to blow up the team!

  5. Cliff Lee ain’t constant enough for ya?

  6. I’m so extremely glad it’s not an elbow or shoulder injury. This has gotta be the best possible scenario, for Phillies fans, or, as are most of us here, fans of Doc.

  7. I’m not sure this really means he’s human. Rather, this is probably just some unforeseen, unscheduled maintenance on the cybernetic parts of the machine…

  8. I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse than this. It certainly could have been. Hopefully, Doc will still be able to pitch the last few months of this season (and maybe the playoffs…but those are looking less and less likely for the Phillies). It would have been a shame to lose him for a much longer period at this stage of his career.

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