Shin-Soo Choo has a great arm from the outfield. He attempted to show it off early in Wednesday’s game versus the Kansas City Royals, but he may have dialed it up a wee bit much.

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  1. Impressive nonetheless…

  2. holy fuck…………………………………….

  3. Looks like he’s the second incarnation of Candy Maldonado.

    • Man, everyone was mentioning Candy when I tweeted that out, but I don’t remember him doing that ever. Weird.

      • Except it’s not quite the same: Candy didn’t overthrow it because he had a rocket arm, he threw it about 50 offline to the dugout area, because he got along with the outfield about as well as Eric Thames does.

      • I believe “Maldonado’s throw (is) over everything” is shown on the 1992 Blue Jays world series VHS tape. Which of course is just as awesome in 2012 as it was in 1992.

    • I think Vernon Wells did it sometime last year, too. I also happen to think it is the funniest occurrence in all of sport.

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